Years of ideation, pitching, and testing have led to consistent sales and a surge of customers who love your product. It’s the perfect time to grow quickly—our team can help you find talent that checks every box on your list (plus boxes you haven’t quite thought of yet).


Candidates Aligned With Your Vision

To us, this is about more than matching resumes to requirements. We view our role as one of sharing your vision with candidates. You’ll have the pipeline of talent you need to grow—without shelling out the salary and benefits of a full-time recruiter.

How We Build Teams

We Learn

Understanding your needs, company, and brand as a whole is a must in building a realistic hiring plan.

We Source

We specialize in connecting with hard-to-find applicants and screening for the very best.

We Deliver

You’ll have what you need to grow and candidates will have a great experience from first touch point to close.

Communication is Key

Wolf Recruiting took time to understand us. Jennifer is a great communicator and kept me informed of how the process worked and was a strong ally to make sure that our goals were met.
— Bob Spear, Pineapple Hospitality

Innovate With The Best of Them

Make our team your dedicated hiring resource and build revenue, land your Series B, and meet every milestone on your roadmap.