Getting in at the ground level of an emerging industry is exciting, but growing your company doesn’t feel that way when the workforce you need doesn’t exist yet. Let us help you find talent that thrives on the untraditional.

We Understand the Cannabis Industry

Medical, Recreational, AgTech, Hemp, Devices, Tech & Media, Biotechnology, Investing—we understand the complexity of the landscape you’re competing within. In fact, we embrace it. Our process is designed to bring you qualified talent that supports responsible growth.

How We Build Teams


We Learn

Understanding your needs, company, and brand as a whole is a must in building a realistic hiring plan.

We Source

Our speciality? Connecting with hard-to-find applicants and screening for the very best.

We Deliver

You’ll have what you need to grow and candidates will have a great experience from first touch point to close.

Let’s Cultivate The Talent You Need

When you can’t rely on traditional job boards and approaches to source the right talent, you need a team that knows what to look for. We’re ready to help you challenge convention.