In today’s digital age, finding job listings and endless data about companies is easy. What’s difficult is learning about positions not advertised to the world at large — we’re here to help you land the roles you always hear about, but never see.


Play by the New Rules of Work

Today’s career trajectories aren’t scripted and linear. That’s why we’re interested in more than your qualifications. More than the bullets on your resume. We want the real you, and we’re ready to help you meet the companies that feel the same way.

How We Match Talent & Teams


We Learn

You’re looking for the perfect job or company—and that’s something we’ll uncover together.

We connect

We won’t place you just to place you. Our process is about alignment, not “butts in seats.”

We communicate

At Wolf, we answer emails. We follow up. Prepare to have the hiring process demystified!

We Believe in Relationships

Wolf Recruiting took time to understand me. Jennifer is a great communicator and kept me informed of how the process worked and was a strong ally to make sure that my goals were met.
— Bob Spear, Pineapple Hospitality

Find Work That Lights You Up

Our candidates trust us to help them sift through today's ever-growing map of career options, but more importantly, we help them communicate the unique value they can contribute to their dream companies.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Marketing

  • Brand

  • Sales

  • Supply Chain

  • Technology

  • Software Development

  • HR

  • Project/product Management

  • Executive